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Faisal Motlaq Bajran

Chairman & Editor-in-Chief


Mujahid Iqbal

Managing Editor/Director Marketing


Irfan Nagra

General Manager



Covers breaking international and Middle East news, informing readers about events at home and abroad.



Articles on business and finance, Kuwaiti history and culture, real estate and careers are featured alongside interviews with people of all nationalities in all fields who call Kuwait their home. An embassy section covering national events reflects Kuwait’s multinational diversity.


Teens and Kids

Dedicated to serving all groups of Kuwaiti residents, magazine features articles specifically designed for teens and kids.


City Life

Cars, gadgets, jobs, the home, health and beauty, fitness, food, fashion—a guide to trends in lifestyle and culture in Kuwait.


City Pulse

Sports, cinema, the theater, shopping, restaurants and cafes, exhibitions, special events—for a night out, or weekend plans, keeps you on the pulse of Kuwaiti life.

    I   n     E   v   e   r   y    I   s   s   u   e



Each month ventures away from its Kuwaiti roots and offers a glimpse at life and entertainment in cities around the globe with articles from abroad.


City Voice

Wants to hear the voice of Kuwait. We welcome letters to the editor, personal photography, and your opinions. Each issue features contests for the readers and photos from local events in Kuwait. A unique feature of this magazine allows residents to print personal messages each month—to Kuwait in general or to especial someone.


Airport Lounges

Car Dealerships

Residential Complexes


Universities and Colleges

Schools and Training Centers (ITI)

Office and Industrial Parks

Hotels and Malls (Al-Fanar Mall)

US Military Bases

Private Clinics and Hospitals

Restaurants and Coffee Shops (Dunkin’ Donuts (all branches), The Early Bird)

Money Exchange Centers (UAE Exchange (all branches)



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 About Our Readers Target Market by Field


Grade School                           6%

High School               10%

University     15%

Home Business/Office 27%

Labor                           30%

Skilled Workers                                               12%




Men    30%

Women 45%

Teens             18%

Kids     7%



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 Get preferential position within the relevant magazine section

 Make a lasting first impression on new arrivals. Gets your name out their first by placing your advertisement in this bilingual magazine targeting the ever-growing English-language-reading expatriate communities of Kuwait?

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Covers a broad demographic: residents and expats, Arabic-reading and English-reading, teens and kids, students, professionals, men and women, family or single, of all economic classes and backgrounds. With City Pages, you can reach all markets in one magazine.

Online versions of may be downloaded as PDF files typically one month after the print version enters the market.


However, the first edition will be published as a PDF file available at







Our collaboration with many internationally renowned manufacturers and suppliers ensures professional handling of projects to guarantee the highest quality budgetary control and workmanship with adherence to schedule.


From office furniture to wall partitions, office chairs, leather sofas, hotel furniture and outdoor furniture. We deal with the best local and international suppliers to meet your unique needs.



FAK – Crescent Interiors


Al-Radwan for Office Furniture



AHTS – Abdulla Technical Services



Style is hard to define and it’s rarely agreed upon. Yet it’s still the best word to describe the way we design our space.


Or the way we don’t design our space. Less can be more and knowing when to stop is important.  As what you leave out can be just as effective as what you put in.


Whatever our clients preferred style is we have created designs and concepts to meet their expectations.

Our team dedicates itself to quality design by drawing on years of experience in the design world using handicraft techniques inspired by the art classics.

The dedications to quality stretches across all of the services we offer all of which are designed to make life as easy as possible for our clients.


In representing prestigious clients with celebrity status. We have had the privilege to designing highly coveted properties in some of the luxurious destinations across the region.


If you look our gallery you’ll see a display some of our executed projects both residential and commercials (Restaurants, Pharmacies, offices, showrooms,) in Kuwait and in the Middle East.


Our personal thanks go to all of our existing clients for their support and we look forward welcoming new friends in the future.



Established over 12 years ago, we are a multi disciplinated fit out business with a well equipped manufacturing facility based in the United Arab Emirates and Sultanate of Oman working predominantly as Interior Fit out Contractors.

We offer the following products and services for restaurants, offices, showrooms etc…

  • Complete turnkey solutions
  • Interior and exterior fit out
  • Project Management
  • Specialized in Food & Beverages (F&B)
  • Wood/ Decorative Floor finishes, Wall coverings, Carpets
  • Decorative Gypsum works (partitions, ceilings, cornices and bulkheads)
  • Ceramic tiling, marble and granite works
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing





Abdulla Hussain Technical Services have over 36 years experience as interior fit out contractors, interior specialists. We operate successfully in a variety of sectors ranging from prestige restaurants. Leisure and commercial interiors, providing new or refurbished interiors from concept to installation.

We believe our unique combination of Fit Out contracting services, highly skilled multi disciplinary which is capable of producing high quality products, provides our clients with the certainty of a project being delivered on time and on budget.

AHTS clients would find a reliable name keen on living up to professional and international standards, over and above a company with thorough understanding of the requirements of the local market.





Restaurant drawings are submitted to the lead consultant as required. Site conditions are verified and measurements are taken prior to preparing restaurant drawings to ensure accurate installation of work. Samples: Samples of materials, color and finishes etc are submitted to the lead consultant for approval. Identical samples are held by our Quality control department. Sample Unit: Samples of typical panels are submitted to the lead consultant for review where necessary.

Material Control- Delivery, Storage and Handling

All materials are handled carefully to prevent damage and are assessed for compliance prior to production.

Wherever possible, components are not delivered to site until the work of the wet traders is complete.

Components are protected from moisture.

Tagging is utilized for identification purposes as necessary and secure storage areas maintained for portable items.

On Site Activities- Installation

All materials and components are delivered to the site as per site dimensions and restaurant drawings for installation

Installation takes place in accordance with our own site requirements and manufacturer’s instructions as specified. Necessary site adjustments assure correct and trouble free installation.

Allowances are made where fixed objects pass through, or project into or around, the periphery of the installed work to permit normal movement without restriction.

Unites are set level, plumb and to line and location.

All openings are prepared to ensure that square and clean edges are left after cutting.

Ambient conditions of temperature, humidity and lighting are checked to ensure quality is maintained.

Completion-Adjust and Clean

All working parts are adjusted as required, to operate smoothly without sticking and binding.

All adjacent surfaces are cleaned and identification marks removed.

Where necessary, final adjustments are made and installed items are cleaned by removal of tape, temporary identification marks, debris, adhesives etc.

Surplus materials, rubbish and debris resulting from site works are removed and areas are left in a neat and clean condition with professional cleaning.



AHTS is committed to providing a safe working environment for all its employees and project staff whether office based or on site. Precautions will be taken to provide safe systems of work and to ensure that adequate instructions and information are available to enable potentially hazardous operations to be assessed and controlled. Facilities will be provided to maintain proper consultation between management and employed, via routine safety meetings.

The company recognizes that early planning, effective prevention and control, personal protective equipment, accident reporting and good record are all part of an effective safe management policy.

Sub contractors are similarly bound by this policy and are required to perform assessments of their operations and materials and in liaison with AHTS, to provide a safe working environment for their employees and sub contractors.

Project safety Procedures

It our intention that safety procedures associated with the following will be provided to project personnel. They will be made available to site supervision in the form of instructions or approved method statements.

Safe access to and from place of work

Fire prevention

Work in confined spaces

Substances hazardous to health

Electricity on site

Site plant and equipment

Personal protection equipment

Work at heights





AHTS applies a rigorous quality control discipline to their activities. Projects are also administered in accordance with these requirements. Monitoring or the Quality System will be undertaken by the Quality Department are designated personnel within the organization. A periodic review will be carried out in the presence of the General Manager, who will authorize any corrective action to prevent the same source.

Project safety Procedures

It our intention that safety procedures associated with the following will be provided to project personnel. They will be made available to site supervision in the form of instructions or approved method statements.

The technical requirements of the contract will be communicated to the personnel

Selective but effective issue of the specifications and the drawings

Selective but protective issue of the project quality plan.

Frequent staff meetings and briefings especially for technically demanding operations.

It is understood that the technical requirements of the client, as defined in the specification will be integrated into the system, and will take precedence over corporate standards were deemed necessary by the General Manger.

Quality Control Plans (QCPs) will be prepared for activities which require such control under the specification or where in the opinion of management, quality would be adversely affected by the absence of such control.

QCPs will be prepared for relevant sub contractor activities and will ensure the testing and monitoring of their activities by witness and inspection.

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